How bingo and music contribute to the world’s welfare

Things have a way of going in and out of fashion. Take bingo, for instance: A few years ago, any mention of the game would conjure up images of slouched, bespectacled women and frumpy, overweight men packed in large halls, with their grandkids (forcedly) tagging along for good measure. 

Recently, however, bingo found itself gaining credibility among the younger generation. Initially getting a foothold with the hipster crowd’s penchant for reviving all things old-timey, the game eventually found itself a wide demographic exposure.

Celebrities and Bingo Cards

Even music icons are getting in on the act. Billy Corgan’s tea house, Madame ZuZu’s, is a frequent hangout of bingo enthusiasts. The place holds weekly game nights every Monday, coupled with musical performances from various artists, his band, The Smashing Pumpkins, included. On the other end of the musical genre spectrum, Emma Bunton of ‘90s “Girl Pahwah” fame received yet another feather on her recognition-studded hat by being named FoxyBingo’s Celebrity Mum of the Year.

These celebrity associations with bingo have done their share to spread the game’s popularity, and in doing so, are also promoting that other association of the game which may prove to be the most important one yet.

Sympathy with a Side Order of Fun 

An admirable aspect of bingo is that it has always been considered a prime venue for charity movements – both local and large-scale, with causes ranging from raising funds for orphanages, to giving donations for environmental movement, and everything in between.

Fundraising events, of course, aren’t a foreign concept to musicians. Masia One herself has contributed time and effort to these causes, like the Manifesto One Drop events, and the Longboard 4 Kids Charity held at the Harbourfront Center.

If anything, all these prove that entertainment and compassion go well together. Music has long held the power to open the floodgates of various emotions, and group activities help further any particular cause by putting people together within the spirit of oneness. With the right intentions and execution, both can do the world a lot of good.