If you buck me in the streets of Kuala Lumpur this weekend, yell MASIA BOLEH! and receive a free promotional gift!  Tell a friend and keep the good vibes strong Malaysia.

Saturday March 22. Co-Hosting the 2014 VIMA Southeast Asian Music Awards Alongside C LOCO.  A night to honour talent and industry in South East Asia.

Sunday March 23. Raising the Bar Also featuring performances by Kevin Lester, The Crazy 88s , Lawa Nie Geng & Headshell Heros.  Hosted by Jin Hackman & Mr. Dan, Music by Mastermind. 


01 Warriors Tongue

02 Chiney Money $ ft Digital Sham

03 Freedom ft Sizzla Kalonji

04 Alright OK!

05 Number One ft Graph Nobel (Man in a Loft Remix)

06 Soldier ft Talib Kweli

07 Major Masia ft RZA

08 Irie - Highplace Drive (Sabotawj + Masia One) and Bo Roc (Dov Shack)

09 Soldier of Love - Dylan Murray + Dubtonic Kru ft. Masia One

10 The One ft Rezza Brothers

11 Sticky Round Round

*** 2 bonus tracks ***