Singapore Show July 12: A Casual Response

A CASUAL RESPONSE #1 feat MASIA ONE (the Return of the B-Girl)

Presented by Casual Concepts Communications & Blackhole 212
Friday 12 July 2013
The Substation Theater
730pm doors open
Entry $15 at the door

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Here's how the story goes.

One night I was hanging with the Singapore homey Shaiful (of Casual Concepts Communications) and we made our way to a new Hiphop Night at a club called Pangea.  When we arrived, Shaiful was not allowed into the club as he was rocking some bermudas.  Turns out this was a swanky affair and we were arriving for pre-Diddy Rap music.  I asked the snooty bouncer why it was a Hiphop night and people that represented the music would be rejected for a dress code.  I am so naive sometimes.  He looked at me like I was speaking pig latin, then told me I could come in because I was a girl.  The homey Shaiful shook his fist and said "I'll show you, I'll throw my own Hiphop show!"

And that he did!  He says he was touched by the fact that I was willing to bounce with him after this rejection from Pangea - and thus in the beautiful spirit of DIY… A Casual Conversation Friday July 12. 2013 is born.  

Substation founder Kuo Pao Kun quoted for saying "Instead of shunning failure, the Substation endeavours to thrive on it..."

As a post script to the story, Pangea was a room full of gold diggers and gold dug, humans too self conscious to dance until they consumed enough liquid courage and my bag ended up almost getting stolen that night. So much for bourgeois when you gotta pine for my bootleg handbag.  Back off, get your own sandwich.

Hand drawing a flyer like the kids used to do...The show July 12 is in the art space known as The Substation, "Singapore's first independent contemporary arts center", and I would like this to be a totally unpretentious night.  If you love Hiphop, Punk, Reggae, K-Pop - come through to laugh and dance with some new friends.  I will be putting together some visual projections and artwork with a Rockers theme, and the vibe will be set by my favourite Singapore DJs Deejay X.G. (Hiphop, Reggae, Crunk) and Tom Shellsuit (Soul, Funk, Classics).  I'm also piecing together a tag rag band of Singapore musicians, young and old, to rock a live Jam session playing live versions of choice tunes off Bootleg Culture as well as covers of some of my favourite songs.

FWUH.  Urban music and art is looking for a true foundation in Singapore, and as much as the larger institutions want to brand all their young people events as "Hiphop" or "Urban Beats" for the sake of fashion, it is always the underground where the longevity of a movement begins.  I have been given complete artistic freedom of this space - and here is where new ideas take root and allow an authenticity of talent to grow.  This is undiluted.  This is taste making.  This is straight from the heart.  This is pioneer shit.  Come through Friday July 12 and let's build.  If not, I'll let you know when someone bootlegs our ideas.  Bootleg is the sincerest form of flattery.

Chillin' with Naz who works next door. Gotta love his sincere irony.