MUSIC VIDEO RELEASE: Makeup directed by Darlene Hyunh


I'm really excited to be releasing my 4th video off Bootleg Culture and especially proud to bring the production back to Toronto, Canada.  Huntclub founder and director of Makeup, Darlene Huynh always brings her beautiful touch on all that she creates, captures and currates.  The Makeup vid creative team worked seamlessly to bring this simple concept it's stylistic edge including Stylist Diego Armand of Perfecto Magazine, Sarma Malins of SM Beauty (hooks up my hair when I'm in town) & Meiko Kato on makeup. Thank you to the ever illustrious, mysterious and talented Graph Gonzales for being her fabulous self...Canadian artist who has penned songs for Esthero, Mssl Cmmnd and worked with the Neptunes & Kanye. Check out her song heartbreakers on Mssl Cmmnds mixtape why fight the space age released earlier this Spring.  Shouts to Lee & Billy for helping us make it through the day with some David's Tea and backup muscle.  Have I bragged about everyone yet?  Probably not as much as I should but just know wonderful collaborations happen everyday and I'm really glad this one did.  Sing along and feel the fashion #MakeUpVideo



May 9, 2013

Internationally Acclaimed and Multi-Talented Artist Masia One Releases New Video

Masia One releases the video to her 2013 VIMA Award nominated single “Make Up”

New York, NY – Last month, internationally acclaimed artist Masia One released the 2013 VIMA award nominated single “Make Up” featuring Isis Salam and Black Molly in North America. Now Masia One presents the global video debut for the pop/dance track.

The playful video for “Make Up” shows Masia One and Graph Gonzales aka Black Molly having fun with different hairstyles, clothes and, of course, makeup. Produced by Che Vicious, Grammy Award winning producer and A&R for Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music, the song is an up-tempo, feel good, pop/dance track that showcases yet another side to Masia’s arsenal of talent and musical diversity.

If this song doesn’t make you feel sexy then you're listening wrong”, said Isis Salam. On working with Masia One on the song and video, Graph Gonzales aka Black Molly commented, “Fun track. I love Masia's call to bring the ‘Nia Long Love Jones’ back in the zone.”



Produced by Hunt Club Studio

Director & Editor: by Darlene Huynh

Director of Photography: Jen Arron

Art Director: Diego Armand

Make Up: Meiko Kato

Hair: Sarma Malins

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Currently Masia One is in Germany filming the video for one of the remixes of “Make Up”. From there, she will head to Sweden for club gigs and also perform and hold a lecture at a youth center in Stockholm.


Twitter: @MasiaOne