MOCA MIX : The New York City LIVE Jam Session

April 12. 2013 and back in New York city for an incredible opportunity to perform at MOCA MIX organized by the Museum of Chinese in America.  The show invited me to perform together with esteemed musicians Samir Chatterjee (Tabla master), Takeishi Stomu (Bass), Kyle Lalone (Guitar) and curated by brilliant Chinese Lute instrumentalist Min Xiao Fen. 

The show concept had me meeting these musicians for the first time the day before the event to familiarize with one another's general styles.  The night of the show, we perform a life jam session for a full house - freestyling, playing melodies on the spot and capturing the sponteneity of creation.

I was quite nervous about this show as you never know if the musicians will gel and find a frequency that everyone can groove to.  After watching Samir Chatterjee's performances I felt so humbled to be allowed to play with this tabla master that has abilities beyond my understanding and creativity with his instrument to a next level.  Once I met my MOCA Mix musicians in person my fears subsided as everyone greeted me with such warmth and so ready to share ideas musically and laugh openly.  This, my friends, is the joy of music and creative living.

The performance was so much fun due to to good vibes of the audience and the chemistry of the musicians, willing to experiment and play of one another's ideas.  The show really reminded me how much I LOVE jamming and performing with live musicians and has my future plans moving back into that space again.  

From the bottom of my heart thank you to the wonderful people I met at this show.  This show was very special to me, and it is with gratitude that I thank the Museum of Chinese in America for not only allowing me to perform such an important show, but taking a chance on new and interesting creative concepts for live performances - challenging both audience and artists.  

If you live in the New York area or visiting, do check out the museum.  It is a truly beautiful space full of history, education, art and good people.


Thank you to Sino Vision for coming out and conducting interviews before the show and getting footage throughout the entire performance.  It feels great to have the support of media that broadcasts in NYC as well as China.


Masia One merchandise post show including a reprint of original "Che-Masia" Tee

 Incredible creatives in the place to be including MeccaGodzilla reppin' his Bootleg Culture album here! Shouts out to Jay Lewis, P.H.A.S.E. 2 and the crew and Mark Seaquist for coming out and supporting the show.


This is how you know this was a show in the AUTHENTIC spirit of Chinese in America... an amazing meal after the show where everyone can share stories and build friendships that go beyond one performance. Thanks again everyone!  Had a blast.