Photoshoot at Museum of Chinese in America

While in New York I had the wonderful opportunity to do work with photographer Meshaka Robinson and Swedish stylist Karolina Brock of Brock's Blog.  With the "Makeup" theme of the shoot we had to pull in a great make up artist. NYC designer and homegirl Butch Diva's recommendation Joel Angel came on board.

I want to really thank the Museum of Chinese in America for being so supportive of my artistic pursuits in New York City and for providing a beautiful location for this shoot.  If you haven't visited the museum it is an amazing space documenting the rich cultural histories of Chinese in America and the center remains highly active in its surrounding community.  

Thanks to the whole crew and my management SweJam for putting this shoot together.  It has inspired new looks and creative ideas going 2013 and beyond.

Seriously I wish you could see this hat, cause it was awesome!

Working with stylist Karolina Brock was amazing.  What a professional and pulled amazing pieces for the shoot.

We had gone wig shopping the day before to find the perfect shade of red for this look.  New York is officially a wig shopping capital.

A great photographer is not just someone who understands light, the camera and angles.  It is someone with a great vibe that makes you feel comfortable when shots are being taken.  Meshaka thanks for the great vibe and making brilliance look so casual.  I

Beautiful Lion Dance costume hanging from the ceiling at MOCA, NYC. 

Celebrating my Chinese heritage with this image.  Nice colours and beautiful backdrop at the Museum for Chinese in America, NYC.

 Thanks creative team! You guys were absolutely fantastic to work with.  (Missing Joel Angel)