Masia in Malaysia: Future Music Festival


I love Kuala Lumpur City. It's extreme old school meets extreme new school.  It is South East Asia with echos of a Toronto meets NYC skyline.  It's Islamic prayers in the evening meet African dancehalls in the morning. It's great food, nuff said.  It is Bootleg Culture.

Future Music Festival Dela

Attended the ever exciting Future Music Festival while in KL and had the opportunity to meet my Hiphop Heros De La Soul!  When I first moved to Canada, I used to sing "3...that's the Magic Number" on the school bus everyday when no one wanted to talk to the new girl.  I've been a fan ever since and really felt honored to meet these humble legends.  

Thank you Sean Lala for the hook up, you're my "Great Expecations" benefactor.

Future music fest

When the rain came down, it monsooned up in the piece.  Best hustle of the day - selling Rain coats (sheets?) $10 ringget a pop.  10 minutes later, rain stopped and rain coat hustlers were ghost.  Sending love to my festival homies DJ Lethal Skillz and the esteemed gentlemen from Hounds of the Baskerville (Barbershop and Tattoos in Singapore)

Future Music 1

The universal passport... Aritst.  Jah blessing.

De la Soul and Naughty by Nature rocking out.  I love Hip Hop.

KL cc

Hello KLCC Petronas Towers aka Babylon towers.  Not even Italian Futurism saw this one coming.  

KL cab

True story: My first night in KL I leave my wallet, all credit cards, and sizable amount of cash in a taxi.  For anyone that knows Kuala Lumpur, in the thicket of crazy traffic you're not getting that stuff back.  Believe or not, I got the driver's card before leaving the taxi, called him and he drove 40 min. back to where he dropped me off to return the wallet.  I offered him money for his kindness and he would not take my money$.  

So please, if you ever find yourself in KL City - call the driver Zull Hamzah.  He's an honest man that holds it down.  Big up yourself Zull (and again...Jah blessing)

TAXI Executive: Zull Hamzah

012-248 4037

City tour & sight seeing / booking hourly daily weekly / airport / Genting highland

2 hours in advance for booking