MASIA ONE wins Best Collaboration at 2013 VIMA Awards

Errrybody Poster 1 Congrats to Masia One winner for 2013 VIMA SE Asia Music Award for Best Collaboration featuring Pharrell, The Game, Isis Salam & DJ Dopey .  Masia One will be performing together with DJ Autograph & Hanna Herbertson Feb 24 LIVE! at the VIMA Music Awards.


Produced by Che Vicious & Travis von Cartier

Mixing Engineer: Ron Allen

Recording Engineer: Rayna Zemel

Wrtten: M. Lim, P. Williams, J. Taylor, I. Salam

DJ Cuts: DJ Dopey 

Read official VIMA 2013 press release HERE

When I discovered Hiphop as an 8 year old kid in Singapore, I never knew I would one day pursue a life through music, let alone work with my musical heroes like Pharrell, The Game and Grammy winning producer Che Vicious (Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, 50 Cent, Kanye West).  Winning the award for best collaboration means so much.  It embodies not only cultures and musical genres colliding, but it represents a dream fulfilled for me.  It brings together my life in LA (Pharrell, The Game, Che Vicious), Toronto (Isis Salam, DJ Dopey) and now brings it home to Asia.

To receive it from a South East Asian based awards is a blessing as I begin my journey now to take all that I have learned from my life in the West and return to my roots in the East, spreading a universal message of independence, freedom and creativity.  I hope through my example as an artist, ERRRYBODY can feel brave to pursue a dream no matter how unlikely or absurd.  This award truly illustrates that in life, anything is possible.  Like the song says… Represent where you come from, Bang pon the system – make enough noise and the world will hear you!



Thank you to all the DJs and Hiphop blogs that have given this single media attention!  Special shout outs to Miss Info of NYC's Hot 97 and 2Dope Boyz