#BootlegCulture Photo booth : Kareem Ajani Photography Edition

The time has arrived, #BootlegCulture party in Toronto was a great night seeing the foundation crew.

As Paul Chin would put it "Cause Toronto's basically the best" *monotone voice*.  Basically.  Toronto Love was in full effect.  Thank you for everyone that came through, bought the record, chilled for a few and took some flicks at the #BootlegCulture Media Wall.  My favorite photographer in Toronto Kareem Ajani held it down and did justice to the sexy mugs rolling through the place Tuesday night.  Packed house at 9:30pm on Movie Night?  Thank you Toronto...you should know I love you, you should know I miss you...

Up next...Montreal in the Fall.  Bootleg Culture LP Release Party, Montreal Sept 27 @LeBelmont


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