Soldier - Masia One & Talib Kweli



What a dream come true to get on a track with one of my hiphop heros, Talib Kweli (Thank you Che!)  I've had a Hiphop crush on Talib since the first time I heard him say:

Brooklyn New York City where they paint murals of Biggie, In cash we trust cause it's ghetto fabulous, life look pretty 

what a pity -- blunts is still fifty cents, it's intense, Tree scents is dominant can't be covered with incense 

My presence felt my name is Kweli from the Eternal Reflection, People thinkin MC is short hand for Mis Conception 

The song is called Soldier - and does not only refer to those with militaristic or revolutionary fervour.  This is also for the everyday person that faces prejudice or heartbreak, raising kids or raising funds.  In light of recent personal circumstances - it's time to be a Soldier and keep going especially when you don't feel like pushing on.  That's a soldier...someone who does what they have to, to keep a float - not driven by money, fame or status but by what needs to get done in pursuit of happiness and greater freedom in life.  


VIDEO Edited by Matt Burke (Bread & Circuses)

ARTWORK Infamous JeanClaude | @infamousjclaude

PRODUCED Che' (C. Pope) & Travis von Cartier (T. Whitmer) for Kops & Robbers

RECORDING Engineer Rayna Zemel 




There's a war outside my door, nicky 9 nicky 9, what you knocking me for

Give me time for the people now my people want more, resident evil

Babylon, how can you lift up the poor?

Recession for a sequel, no commercial fast forward

I do it for my people, one family at war

Belly of the beast or Middle Eastern Couture, Asia wanna rake it over by consumption accords

For a salary hoard, Mickey Malary's bored - Natural killa, iron willa, blue steela, mi know!

Soldier on with the show when the energy's low, then I have to push harder

How much farther we go?

No matter what the task takes, leaving tomorrow

Soldier kiss me with the last breath, break from the war

Doing what you had to, keep the family a float

Beauty only skin deep - murder she wrote.