A letter to my brother Ming

This is the eulogy that I read at my brother's memorial service Sunday, August 19. 2012.

Dear Ming,

I’m your little sister and I will always look up to you. You protected me when I was little and you’ve looked out for me ever since.  

I remember when we were kids, you would show me where mom & pops’ cane stash was and we would run and get it and throw it down the garbage shoot together. Then we would purposely do something bad and laugh when they couldn’t figure out where the canes were. We used to love to go to Chucky Cheese and play the wack a mole game. You would just help me sit on the machine and told me not to move as my body deflected all the mechanical moles. You could concentrate on the few openings of head bobbing moles left. We would win ribbons and ribbons of tickets to cash in for toys. You would always let me pick what I wanted first. Even then you were so smart & resourceful.


You taught me to be tough and when I would cry about the slightest things, you showed me that I had to be more than just a spoiled little girl. I had to be strong like you. You taught me to be who I am today. There’s always the cliché of a girl saying “Don’t mess with me or I’m calling my big brother ” You were so tough that no one ever messed with me, because they DIDN'T want my big brother to deal with them. I took these things for granted and breezed through my high school years proud that my big brother was the toughest and still looking out for me. 

I remember when you used to sit me down and play Hiphop and Reggae music. You had such an amazing understanding of sound and always showed me only legendary artists like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Toots & the Maytals and Dr. Dre. You taught me that music was spiritually powerful. You showed me message and meaning through song. Today I am a girl from Singapore that has worked all over the world in the studios of the same legendary artists you introduced to me. This inspiration you gave to me at a young age has now become the fulfillment of a life's dream.

With time and distance separating us while I was in university I didn’t know how much you cared, yet when I returned to Vancouver, all of your friends were so happy to meet me – and asked me “Are you Ming’s sister? He doesn’t stop talking about you, he’s so proud of you, he plays your music all the time.” I would look around the house and you would have Masia One stickers all over the place, even on Pop’s expensive antique furniture. You believed in me when everyone laughed at my dream and against all odds stacked against me. Because of this I believed in myself.

bro & me
In moments when I was stressed or impatient you would make a joke and tell me to relax saying your famous line “No big deal”...and you were right, we make big deals out of petty conflicts in life. Instead you would crack a joke, and your humour was so strange that I would have to just laughing out loud. Your favorite joke "Where is the Great Wall of China...in China stupid!"   The greatest thing I always admired is that you were never a hypocrite. In a world where people will put on false pretenses for status, power or money you always remained honest with who you were and what you were thinking. This seemingly simple characteristic in life takes so much bravery and I thank you for teaching by example that “you just have to be true to yourself."  

 I know that your wish would be for everyone to celebrate your life, rather than dwell in the sadness of missing you. This is so hard because we are going to miss you so much. The only comfort I can find, is that you’ve left me with so much undersatnding to face life’s challenges. I hope everyone here today can take with them the same things you have taught me: Stay strong, stay honest, pursue your dream, play some music to soothe the soul and through it all even in the darkest hour- always have a sense of humor. I know without a doubt, just as you did in life, you will still be protecting me and encouraging me. Until we meet again, I love you and I miss you. Thank you for being the best big brother.  As you always said broski...the good times will go on.

Rest In Peace Thian Ming Lim aka. Ming Dogg, Moon Sheenie, Ming Towers | November 25. 1975 - August 01. 2012

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Ming's friends have gotten together to create a scholarship fund together with his true friends at BCIT (where he graduated) in his name to honour the encouragement, laughter and team work he inspired. If you are interested in donating or helping to raise funds please contact info@masiaone.com

Made a board for Ming with quotes from friends in Canada so family here could see who he was and that he is well loved. For everyone who wanted to but couldn't make it to Singapore your presence is still felt here.


DJ Mick G has created a mix to pay tribute to Ming.  

Mick says: "To everyone who knew Ming knows that he loved music. One of things him and I had in common was that love. In the short time I knew him he gave me a lot of music and I did the same. Every time I got an email from Ming there was always a link to some song on the internet...It’s called Ming Dogg Final Road Trip because him and I was always blasting music when we were in the car together. He encouraged me to get back into DJ’ing and so I can now do this in his honour."

  Listen and Download mix


Listen & download it here: http://www.mixcrate.com/mickhi/ming-dogg-final-road-trip-rip-ming-hiphop-mix-192661


This is a facebook page where his friends have expressed who my big bro was to them. It will also be used to update information on the scholarship fund we are putting together in honor of him. Stay connected.