Summer Breeze

A fan posted this song Summer Breeze that I recorded for Spanish artist Elphomega quite a few years ago as I was somewhere skimming rock bottom. When I recorded this song, I was pretty much homeless staying at a 6ft X 6ft artist space across from the Brunswick house in Toronto.  

This morning staring out at the Manhattan skyline from this luxe Williamsburg condo I'm watching the warm Summer breeze come in and realizing how things move and change very quickly.

Catching my flight back to Toronto in a couple of hours to get things ready for my performance at NXNE.  I'm so excited to introduce to Toronto for the first time my new sister from another mister Hanna Herbertson who is such an incredibly talented dancer, choreographer and teacher!  Equally amped to rock the stage with the Chiney Jamaican fam Paul Chin who has in the last little while had the honorable job of safe guarding my soul by creating music and art from his heart as example.  

Coming home to Toronto as the Summer breeze blows is a sweet sweet feeling.  Can't wait to rock the spot Toronto, you're always in my heart.

NXNE Thursday June 14. 2012

@The Gladstone Hotel [1214 Queen St. W]

Set Time 1am / 19+ (This ain't a Hiphop event - the show will actually be on time!)

Featuring special guests Hanna Herbertson (NYC dancehall), Paul Chin (Cayman to T.O. Hiphop flavours)

- - - 

**SPECIAL OFFER** Be sure to cut out the MASIA ONE AD in this week's NOW Magazine and present it at the show for 10% off all MASIA ONE Merchandise!