Hanna Herbertson

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I watched a really dope Dancehall DJ once get so frustrated that Hanna Herbertson's talent has too often been over looked. I believe it's due to Hanna's incredible modesty and chill attitude. If I danced like Miss Herbertson, I would be a PROBLEM in the dance, showing off and bouncing everywhere! She chills and when ready, on her time strolls on the floor - and is explosive everytime!

I am so excited to have for the first time, mentor, dancer, choreographer, and DJ - Hanna Herbertson here in Toronto to perform at NXNE tonight Thursday, June 14 @ The Gladstone Hotel (1214 Queen St. W) 1am.  

As we continue working together developing a tight tour set, ready for Bootleg Culture album release, I cannot help but feel truly blessed to work with such greatness.  Please come by and check out the show as we prep ourselves to perform together in Europe (Swedan & Germany) next month!!!

Miss Herbertson will also be teaching Dancehall workshops while in town where she will teach not only her unique fusion of dancehall movement, but also the vocabulary of the dance.  Registration email hanna@hannaherbertson.com 

Thursday June 14. 2012 7-8pm Workshop St Albans (843 Palmerston Avenue Toronto) $15 for non-members of St Albans, free for members

Friday June 15. 2012 5-6pm City Dance Corps (489 Queen St West, 3rd floor Toronto 416.260.2356) $15 please register hanna@hannaherbertson.com

Friday June 15. 2012 7-8pm St Albans (843 Palmerston Avenue Toronto) $15 for non-members of St Albans, free for memebers.

Saturday June 16. 2012 2pm Masia One show @ Harbourfront Center Redpath Stage featuring Hanna Herbertson & Paul Chin