New York State of Mind


The Don off Nas' upcoming Summer release "Life is Good" This is the soundtrack to my New York City life right now! With Super Cat sample beating down my speakers, and Nas' gifted flow - this track is making me head nod so deep at 2:30am while grinding out work and over looking the Manhattan skyline from my bedroom window. The black as oil slick water divides where I'm at to a curtain of light in the distance. From my view I see the Chrysler and Empire State buildings shimmering before dawn and beaconing the arrival of human ingenuity. Capitalism begs the question, and I work hard to be the female Don of this rap game. The raps are flowing, the hustle is growing and setting my foundation to be as lucrative as 50 and some vitamin water.

My sisters Zaki Ibrahim and DJ Loqenz are in town and Eternia is around the way. All I can think about is flipping Super Cat's words… NEW YORK BWOAYS DEM MAD OVA WI! Yuh Zeet? Respect to The Don for paying tribute to the ROOTS of Hiphop music and striking the symphonic balance between Hiphop and Reggae. Pull Up - RE RE WIND.

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