What Tupac's Ex Girl told me

Tattoo tupac tattoos 10

While in L.A. I heard an urban legend about a woman that was a "Gangster Psychic" that gave advice like "Biiiiiiatch get yo sh*t together".  This same woman was allegedly Tupac's ex girlfriend.  Way better than Miss Cleo!  The curiosity was too much so I met her and she said the following things to me:

1. Stay in the flow, the riddim.
2. Appreciate who you are and why you are who you are.
(You are here to break the cycle of an older lady in your family that was exactly like you at this age...but she was never able to do what you are doing.)
3. Get things done faster
4. Don't be so hard on yourself. Touch base with yourself no matter where you are.
5. Learn how to shut your brain off
6. You don't need a co-sign, trust what you think.  Get in tuned with yourself instead of looking outside.  
7. Revolutionize your culture
8. Your life is wanting to head to another level, your life is trying to find a foundation therefore keep it basic
9. Be strict & firm on yourself.  Tell yourself "This is my shit, and I'm running it."
10. Get your music copy written at the office in Washington D.C.

Not as gangster as I hoped, but great advice nonetheless.  Happy Thursday everyone.