California Dreaming

On the road again with only 2 goals in mind 1. Build a Team 2. Shop the album.  My friends have come to know me by silly nicknames like Hustler, Queen Grinder and in recent days Rabbit Foot (because I'm the luckiest person you'd ever know...they're constantly asking me to pick lottery numbers!) but I know this music I have ready to go is bigger than me.  The days of lone wolf hustling is gone and it's time to build a team and move with good people.

The first stop California!  I buck up with my long time San Diego family Sabotawj (if you don't know about Highplace Drive better ask somebody) where we decide to film a guerilla style video for an upcoming single called California feat. Moka Only.  Our travels take us from Dego, to Long Beach to Venice Beach then Hollywood to try to capture the different parts of the Leftcoast.  We had the homey Bo Roc (from Summertime in the LBC / Dove Shack fame) join us on part of the shoot and show us his hometown of Long Beach California.  I even got to see Dogg Records, home to Snoop Dog's first label!

 Dogg Records, Snoop's first label out of Long Beach California

Fried Pizza from Venice...don't even get me started on the fried oreos and fried Twinkies.  Someone say cardiac arrest?  Someone say perfect stoner food?

Sabotawj getting a shot of Bo Roc looking out our spot right on Venice Beach.  Venice is special...I like to think of it as an insane asylum by the ocean aka purgatory.


March2012_bo roc show crew 4

Masia One, Bo Roc, Sabotawj

March122012_sabotawj & masia show 1

My brother from another mother Sabotawj yo Style!


Crashed for a few days with incredible producer and human, KWAME aka Man in a Loft Downtown. Thursday night and he decided it was time to make some soap cause that's what pro active people do. I'm going to do a Friday Feature on Kwame's soaps but for now, just know that I'm recommending the Cinnamon-Chai, you won't be disappointed.

From there I traveled to the City of Angels, LA where this whole project began with me together with Kops & Robbers Team (Che Vicious, Travis von Cartier and Rayna)  I was excited that my sister from another mister DJ SARASA was back in town!  I've missed her so much from our days touring Asia together and rocking the show hard cause we make it look GOOOOD!  Her friend Kathy from Japan was also in the house, one of the most positive and wonderful people I've ever met, and together we dominated everywhere we went from shows, label meetings to just good old fashioned cold chillin!  Sarasa,'re both my sisters and it was a blessing to spend time with the both of you before the real hustle begins on the Eastcoast.  It reminds me of the importance of true friends and positive people in one's inner circle.


Sarasa & Omae clowning around after the discovery of the Roger Rabbit Car in a random parking lot.

Feeling the homey's Basquiat Kicks!


Bgirl Portrait: Masia One, Bgirl Emiko & DJ SARASA

March2012_akiko & sarasa

No big deal, just some halos in the parking lot after brunch. Bgirl Emiko killing it, with DJ SARASA on photographer duty


Kathy being naturally awesome letting the sunshine follow her


Don't know one come close to Japanese culture for efficiency and tidiness. This is how SARASA unpacks at a hotel. I'm not even going to show the picture of my suitcase with everything piled mile high LOL

Kathy & Masia

Me + Kathy my special Totoro friend!

Cali Show Masia & Sarasa

Get dough, on the hustle, on time, rock the show! DJ SARASA & MASIA ONE practice what we preach.


Chilling with Shing02 what an honor! I used to bump mixtapes with Shing02 on it in College and loved his lyricism and flow. I still can't believe I got to meet him! This man is so much knowledge I expect him to burst into pure light energy at any given moment...or maybe that was the Jameson.  Beyond the music, Shing02 is the inventor of the FADERBOARD. Just bananas I tell ya!

Masia & Sarasa

Love ya sis...miss ya til we tour together again!


Later's been a blast but here's where the hustle really begins.  On to the next chapter...