Moo Cards


My Moo Cards have arrived and I love them!  Making best use of Moo's Printfinity technology (allowing you to print different images in the same batch) I uploaded 2 years of facebook pictures to the mini card template and voila!  Business cards outlining my travels 2010-2012.  I've found it's been hard to explain my story as an artist, born in Singapore, grown in Vancouver, started my business in Toronto, worked in L.A., moved to Jamaica and now hustling hard in New York City!  The simplicity of a tool like a business card has helped me make introductions and provide visuals to my story - it's a conversation piece each time I fan out the cards.  A social experiment really, when I let someone take a pick of their favorite card, I get to understand a little more about their personality and what they are looking for.  I've been criticized in the past for not sticking to one style, and selling it to help people buy into a package.  That isn't me...I'm a free spirit that loves culture and the world.  Laying out all these images side by side, it makes me realize that the diversity and intricacies that so many labels and coporate entities are afraid of is the truth that defines my story and makes my life unique

Things are going great here in New York and the path I'm trodding on now is leading me to realize something big...something bigger than even I understand.  I have "In New York...concrete jungle where dreams are made of" playing over and over in my head.  I remember being 15 and arriving in New York for the first time, wide eyed and excited to be in the Mecca of Hiphop.  Now so many years later, my life and carreer has been shaped by my love for music & culture and I'm ready to fulfill my dreams here in the big city.  Wish me love & luck as I go into the city armed with mini business cards, a lifetime worth of travel stories and a song in my heart.