The Friday Feature: WIP CAPS


It's Friday already? It's March already?  Writing y'all this Friday's feature from downtown Los Angeles where New Eras are everywhere.  In thinking about how much a snap back or fitted cap has become a fashion staple to so many of my generation I wanted to take a moment to plug a company that is super fresh and on the come up.


The company was founded by 6 highs school friends that had a passion for head wear, who couldn't find quality head wear that expressed their individual creativity and ideas.  They took matters in their own hands and the WIP CAP mission statement was born: WIP is a cap design company that produces unique, high-quality fitted caps. We are a creative and dynamic group that is based out of Manila and influenced by the World. Our products are fresh and reflect the individualized lifestyle and personalities of our clients.

Great quality, phat embroidery and always very creative on the designs they put out, the good people at WIP Caps release special edition hats to celebrate milestones in the Hiphop Community or commemorate a hero. They have base locations in the Phlippines & San Francisco.

I rock the 'CHAMPION SOUND JAMROCK' WIP CAP in Alright OK! and the 'KA' WIP CAP in the upcoming video "Number One" both filmed in Jamaica.  I find it exciting that something conceived and created in Philippines will now be showcased through videos made in Jamaica.  The world is quickly becoming a small place.  

Champion Sound WIP CAP in ALRIGHT OK! Video

Urban Athletics _ Kings On Deck 100811 from WIP CAPS on Vimeo.