Friday Feature: XTRUCASE

This week's Friday Feature finds me in the Big Apple getting my Eastcoast hustle on.  In a meeting trying to solicit my upcoming record to a big wig marketing genuis who will remain unnamed for now, I noticed that his iPhone was encased in a slick Aluminum casing.  I've seen plastic bumpers before, but never one made of metal.  He let me know it was an XTRUCASE, the only Aluminum case that doesn't interfere with your iPhone's reception.  If you know me personally, I'm the clumsiest person - which I blame mostly on my constant hustle to meet the next deadline.  I once watched in terror as I ran across Spadina Avenue to have my iPhone fly out my pocket and reach the other side of the street before me.  I need armour to cover my iphone.  Dude told me it was an XTRUCASE that came in various colors.  

I hear Jay Z's Big Pimpin' in my head and immediately hunt for a XTRUCASE sponsorship... after all, tour ain't no joke and my phone gets the worst of it.  Big wig marketing dude makes the connection and he asks me what color I would like.  I said - extra BLINGY! I land myself a pink XTRUCASE Crystalline edition with SWAROVSKI crystals.  My homegirl Maaji would stop using BBM and switch to an iphone just for this case alone!  I love the architecture of the duo slider, allowing for the XTRUCASE to have a seamless outline.  I love that there's a spot for me to thread through my extra Asian phone dangly thing if I wish...a matching SWAROVSKI crystal Hello Kitty dangling on the side would assert my Asian roots!   I love that the case now matches my pink Canon camera...also extra Asian Girl - I'm ready for my peace sign pose. The XTRUCASE is made from Swiss Aircraft Grade Aluminum, so unlike my last plastic iPhone cover shaped to look like a GameBoy, this one actually does protect the phone.

Thanks for the case XTRUCASE.  I'm ready for the NYC hustle now.  My phone thanks you more!

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