The Friday Feature: DJs


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Friday 24. 2012 Feature: DJs

Ok, this is a super broad topic for the first Friday Feature... I know.  But I had to say something about my fellow DJs and hopefully pass on to you guys some links to dope music & mixes.

So often in this world of youtube & ipod parties, we forget the role of the DJ in this industry.  DJ is tastemaker and vibe creator.  Who to trust these days with payola systems that put money in the pocket to play songs in the interest of the biggest pocket?  Right now I'm not talking about the DJs that are all about the hype scene and play what you already hear at the mall.  I'm talking about the DJ that returns week after week to a 2am mixtape show in a College basment to bring you your new favorite music.  These are DJs that create a mood, a feeling, a vibe - just by the choice or records and smoothness in transition between classics and new classics.   When this type of DJ belives in you as an artist, there is no greater compliment.  

I want everyone to express their appreciation for their favorite DJ today!   Write them a note, a blog, draw a picture, cook them a meal, give them a hug...they play a valuable role in our world as living breathing vibes machines.

Last night DJ 2 Creamz put a call out to Canada during The Mix on CKCU to support my music and efforts in such a sincere way that it made my frustration of not having sleep in 2 days melt away.  It made the grind worth it. (Shouts out to Lenny for the link!)  Most recently DJ Autograph got at me for a copy of Warriors Tongue and from there passed on the music to others in my own backyard that had never heard it.  I started bumpin' his soundcloud mixes and they've been my favorite since.  I think about the monumental show in the Philippines at Irie Sundays where DJ D'Tech had my back; mixing tracks at the right moment and throwing in airhorns to hype the crowd.  He had my back as a friend, and even more so through sound!  There's Tasha Rozez back from touring Germany always with a construtive thought and a retweet to help move along the thing.  DJ Dopey, one of the most respected on the 1s and 2s brings his talent and energy to contribute to each collaboration...not to mention having saved my life when I decided to rock a show in a wheel chair in the dead of a Montreal Winter after foot surgery.  Everytime I reach back to Toronto, I check all listings to find where DJ Shai & Xixgon international are running a sound to refill my vibes.  No matter the venue, the style of Xiagon's music turns every location into my personal CHEERS...where everybody knows your name.  I'm now gearing up to head back to LA where I'll be greeted by the family vibes of P-Trix & Xist that were there for me when I first landed in Hollywood, not knowing a soul.  Years later, we collab on a mixtape joint like not a day has passed between us.

DJs are the best and I thank each and every sound selector that has not only supported the music ting but been a friend and a source of encouragement, laughter and good vibes over the years.  ps. It was hard to get pictures lined up for the DJs below...DJs DO NOT like photographs I guess.

DJ 2 Creamz & DJ Mendez [The Mix, CKCU] Check out a great mix of Hiphop, Dancehall and everything awesome in between every Thursday night on Ottaway's CKCU 2am - 6am.  If you're in Ottawa, these DJs will be spinning tonight at Sky Bar

DJ Autograph NYC's own DJ with everything from VIDEO dancehall mixes to Classic Hiphop at his Soundcloud

DJ D'Tech [Mighty Miscellaneous Crew] Check out D'Tech's latest mixtape Lovers Rock and Lovers Roll 

Tasha Rozez [Gunz&Rozez Sound] Check out what's new with Tasha's sound at her FB Artist Page

DJ Shai [Xixgon International] If you're in Toronto check out Lion's Den for proper reggae on a Mondays.  Definitely check the mixtapes that get me through months on the road!  

DJ Dopey [2003 World DMC Champ, Notes to Self] Dopey is the official DJ of the amazing Toronto based crew Notes to Self.  He will also guest feature on the upcoming Masia One release Bootleg Culture

P-Trix 1999 [USA DMC Champ] Check out his amazing winning routine here and his mixtape DJ P Trix meets Stoned Genuis 

Xist Check out his Greetings from the Graveyard mix