Alright OK! New music video


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It's no secret that I love Jamaica.  I love the people.  I love the culture.  I love the food.  

The song Alright OK! was inspired during a time now known as the Tivoli Garden Massacre.  Sometimes Kops are Robbers and Robbers are Kops but at the end of the day people have to cool their heads and realize we need to put down this violence and pull up your light to the music & life...yuh zeet?  For the full description of the song, lyrics, and inspiration download the press release HERE

I called up the homey Fred E Fame to fly down to Kingston Jamaica to shoot this video - guerilla styles, one man and a camera moving with me around yard.  He had never to Jamrock and I had to show him a proper time.  You know how the thing set.  In this time, I got to know Fred E as one of the most hard working, passionate and inspiring people I've known out of Toronto City.  The dude got up at the break of dawn to catch the sun rise, ran around the streets of Kingston all day, partied with us as night and up sipping Sorel parlaying with the peoples by the time I woke the next day.  He took a chance, trusted me to fly somewhere he had never been and embark on an adventure.  Boom!  Fred E Fame - you're one of a kind and I salute you sir.

A Don in 3 Mile had agreed to throw me a party in honor of the video shoot.  I had made a pact with dancer Karmella Badness when she showed up at the end of Return of the Bgirl video shoot that we would do a video together one day.  Homegirl heard I was doing this in Jamrock and just rolled.  That's right kids...she just rolled and did her thing cause that's how BADNESS MOVES!

Special thanks to Daniel Tucker Car Service for taking us where ever we needed to roll, Cash Money for holding it down on the production end, Mr. Lincoln for his hospitality and all the amazing people that I met along the way in JA that inspire me creating music and just living life.

Below I included some flicks from the video shoot and our journeys around JA.  If you dig what you see, please support the thing by purchasing the single and spreading the link.  BOOTLEG CULTURE LP on the rise.


 Before Fred E arrived I was chillin' Back-a-Bush styles.

On the road to Kingston

 First stop to see the BOSS at Bob Marley Museum in Kingston, JA

Great inspirations. Great Aspirations.

Rok One Studio Rules

Giovanni, Roc Giovanni, Rok One Studio

 The many talented artists at Rok One studio - including the homey Suhverto...Splash Away!

Had to take Fred E to Devon House for the world's best Ice Cream and Pattis.

Kingston at night.