Hustle hustle Lemonade...

Kickin' it with Moka Only we get to talking about how to stay inspired and motivated as an artist.  Moka is a great example of an artist that doesn't over think the thing - he just does what it do and loves creating every step of the way.  This approach of course explains his latest campaign to shoot 2 videos a week!  

One of the mantras my friends know me by is "Hustle Hustle Lemonade, Hustle Hustle getting paid".  It has now been immortalized in a newest Moka Only song, how exciting!  I'm going to put my 16 on a remix next week.  For now, I've made a guest appearance in Moka's video together with the good people at Live Vision and the hottest gyal Juno winner Elaine Likkle Bit Sheppard.  It was such a pleasure to meet Miss Elaine, to chat in Patois to someone in VANCOUVER and Moka had to keep shutting us up for talking on set (*text*).  I have a feeling this is going to lead to a beautiful collabo in the near future. Mi Likkle but Mi Tallawah! Boom! Sell off.

Vancity is on the come up, don't sleep.

Rare guest apperance by my J-Pop alter ego "Keko Ichi" aka Sally for the video.

Rocking original HUSTLE shirt by DOINITWELL

2 Likkle bits make 2 big woman tings comin' truuu whoaiiiii.