HipHop Queen


In honour of the school tour, I found this to be an interesting comparison between how women are portrayed in hiphop between 2000 and present day. I hope all you literary geniuses, poetesses and Queens out there let your lyrics flow in deep and complex ways to truly express yourself. Dumbing yourself down is soooo 2012 - be FUTURE soldiers of fortune.

In honour of the FIERCE females musicians I know, I'm going to post some of my personal favourites and yes these ladies are 100% Canadian.


She's gonna roll her eyes at me for posting her older material but this is hands down one of my favorite rap songs of all time. Vibe, meaning, poetry - I find a new metaphoric gem with each lesson. Check out Isis' new projects HERE



 My DJ friend once describe Hill as looking like a "Sexy Jaguar ready to pounce" when she performs live. This woman is a musician's musician, brilliant song writer...and yes even a sexy jaguar!



Graph is pop QUEEN - she writes classic songs. These days she's on her retro dance steez but there is no doubt in my mind that all these songs will outlast trends and 15 minute fame of so many of today's pop princesses.




Now residing in South Africa, Z-mama is one of the most colourful and brilliant songstresses you'll ever come across. Her vibe is love, her music universal. Nuff said.



Saidah is a revolution. When I'm in the shower, I imagine that I sing like Saidah and have the bravery to belt it out the way she does! A voice unlike any other.


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