Warriors Tongue Toronto

During a 24 hour stint in Toronto, en route to Jamaica, I caught up with the wonderful Fred E Fame.  We had met a few months earlier when I posed for a Legends of the Fame Hiphop baseball card.  "We should do a video" he said...6 hours left before heading to the airport we stroll up on the beautiful alleys of Queen Street West during the last day of Summer and get errrr done.  Freddy's partner in Fame, Miss Pink Kiss arrives with a First Nations head dress - FWUH, that's the original Warrior right there.   

I know I may face some critcism for rockin' the head dress in the video but the intent was to show that I stand on common ground with many of the First Nations people that I call my friends.  I've toured across Canada and seen how poorly maintained sacred Indigenous land and schools have been left...been in in Saskatoon where I was billed to play at a bar that said "No Natives and Asians" outside.  When is the last time you've seen Asian people and Natives stand in solidarity?  Just like my video SPLIT SECOND TIME caused an outrage in the Asian community for stereotyping Chinese people, I aim to inspire discussion and progression by a simple gesture.  Had to represent for the original Canadian Warrior, big up to all my Natives. 

We had a great time shooting, and a few weeks later I got Freddy to come link me in Kingsotn Jamaica to shoot a quick flick for the next single.  I love it when a plan comes together.

ps. For all you indie artists here in Canada, hit up Fred E. Fame for your videos $99 will get you started.  Tell him Masia One sent you. @FredEFame 

- - - 

This Warriors Tongue remix is produced by Che Vicious.

Respects to Jedi @ Bomb Shelter & Graf artists whose work is featured in this video: Ren, Water, Webs, Rony, Bacon, Serius, Art Child, Sight, Skam, 2Teck, Duro3, Pest and Case. Toronto is the illest.