"My interest in shooting has come from a deeper interest in humanity. More specifically, just wanting to spend time with people and learn from them." - Jay Lewis

When Bernie & I sat down to revamped the site, we really wanted to make use of the full screen to alliviate some of the dryness of a computer's glare, and let you delve into my world.  That said, this would all be redundant without the amazing photographers I've been blessed to call my friends over the years.  I wanted to really highlight them and their work in a blog crediting each of the shots for each section of the website.

BLOG.Kareem Ajani

Kareem Ajani is my go to photographer when I'm in Toronto.  When I started in this biz, I was so nervous in front of the camera and he made me laugh and feel at ease.  This man is amazing his level of creativity when given a wall and a smile.  He makes women look like a million bucks $ Nuff said.

ABOUT. Self Portrait 

EVENTS.Benny Loy Hui Xiong

Singapore is always a funny place to rock - this is where I was born, my mother land.  People are more conservative and are not always accustomed to seeing a nice chinese girl telling them to "bruk out".  Yfest @Esplanade in Singapore this past summer was a special show.  I didn't feel shy.  I had my friends sharing the stage with me, and I felt proud to rock for my people.  I felt possessed.  It wasn't until after I received pictures from Benny Loy Hui Xiong that I saw the moment captured.


MUSIC.Jason Lewis

There's a reason I chose Jason Lewis' photography to represent MUSIC.  When I first start a song, I feel shy and vunerable.  I'm scared to share something so personal, yet I'm compelled to do so.  Once it's put out into the world I feel relieved that I have done the right thing.  Jay's photos to me find that honesty in all his subjects then places them in the context of a bigger picture.  Sometimes the artist themselves don't realize that bigger picture til they have the joy of reflecting upon his images.  Most of all, Jay likes icecream and makes me laugh.  This Guy!



MEDIA.Darlene Hyunh

I love people that dance at parties even if everyone else is all "too cool for school" styles.  When I met Darlene she was jamming like nobodies business.  The next time was over dim sum where we casually decided we collectively decided that we should be creative some time.  Her style of visionary is so casual and blazay that you don't realize some serious brilliance is going down until suddenly it's over and you look forward to the next time you get to jam with her.  Pimp on Darlene, pimp on.