New website!


Welcome to my new website!  Stay and kick it for a few. Maybe we can be friends?

Feeling very Victor Hugo these days.  Who am I? I spent the later part of the evening doing a video interview with a man who calls himself the Archivest.  Archive he did.  He knew things about me that I had forgotten about, purposefully or otherwise.  In between 28 part questions I had the past 9 years of my life as an emcee and artist recounted to me; between finding a Public Enemy Tape in a Singapore market at the age of 8, to drinking Sherry with The RZA at an all night studio session. I realized that it's been an amazing journey with a hundred dreams realized along the way.  What now?  I've just returned from Jamaica, spear fishing in the ocean and filming a music video with a director buddy - who by the way does photoshoots for everyone from Pharrell Williams to Alife, no big deal - and now back in the winter in the stark white-walled room of my Vancouver home.  What next?
I have outgrown the size 40 jeans & door knockers and opt for that go to silk shift dress with a keyhole neckline instead.  I haven't written a rap in weeks, but have begun singing lover's rock choruses over house beats that I'm creating on my iPhone.  I've put down the Krylon but am fleshing out ideas for fan merchandise I'm designing for the  Ethiopian Olympic team this summer in the UK.  
I know who I am... songwriter (aka lyricist), dreamer (aka creative consultant), connector (aka arts educator), traveller (aka lady of leisure).  I move between cultures and genres, fashion and sound, visualizing the best possibilities in hopes to bring people together. I just don't know how to package that into 1 sentence.  
The new website, designed by my darling friend BERNIE, is my creative space on the internet universe to share myself: my music, art, travel and thoughts & tips on hustle.  I hope you share weith me too!  Let's build, starting from right here and now.  I look forward to our movements together.


- - - 


I would like to thank Bernie, promoter, designer and Singapore IT Girl - for not only for helping me design this website, but for seeing me through good and bad times in the past 3 months.  From Hokkien Mee in Jurong, dancehalls in Atlanta Georgia, shopping in New York City to escaping North Korea...girl you've been a great friend.  Now in honor of Miss B - everyone DO THE BERNIE!