Che & Trav ran the beat, I spit what I heard. β€ͺ#β€ŽAutomatic‬


In honour of the spoken word open mic at SIMMER DOWN July 19. 2014 Artistry I'm making public some of the Bootleg Culture Bsides - Rough cuts, free styled raps and sketches that never made the record. No mix, not master. Raw uncut. 

produced: Che Pope & Travis von Cartier (Kops & Robbers)
recorded: The Saltmine Studio Oasis , Arizona 2009

Ultra Music Korea Wrap Up

It's not every day you get to get to work with your incredibly talented friends to make music.  It's even better to be invited to play the biggest Music Festival in Asia - Ultra Music Festival Korea.  I linked up with the XXX$$$ crew in Tokyo and jumped on a plane Korea bound ready to rock for the 100,000+ festival goers! 

Nagano Jam Sessions with JAMROCKERS

We got lost on our way to Plimal Nagano, ending up in a train station much like ones featured in Hayao Miyazaki films. We made a 180 turn and finally we arrived at the venue, DJ with a cold, MC with a cough and entered into a space for a Jam Session. Then magic, everything was right with the world again.  After the session, the guitarist held his heart and said "I am so happy".  That's why we do music and make art together.  Travel, collaborate, create.